2010: A year of progress

It’s been a fantastic year here at RCTLounge. We’ve gained many fantastic new players and we have more great projects than ever on the forums. Here’s a rundown of what happened:


  • RCTLounge along with Park Thoughts become products of 1scream, a company owned by RCTLounge’s very own Doug Sisk and Ethan Massey. 772pilot, the founder of RCTLounge, sold 100% of the site to 1scream.
  • The first Theme It! contest is announced. KevinCoasterTycoon3 won with his creation, “Avatar.”


  • YouTube videos are introduced on Spotlight pages, making it easy to watch project videos.
  • The second Theme It! contest is held, which was won by SPR(SteelProductionsRct) and his coaster, “Delta.”


  • Exchange moderator Ice101 steps down due to time constraints. He is now the editor and a key part to RCTLounge’s sister site, Park Thoughts.


  • Third round of Theme It! is held, with liamrock’s “The Whisperer” as the winner.


  • RCTLounge surpasses the 100,000 post mark in our Forums, a historic number for a site less than three years old.
  • A new Screenshot Contest submission system is introduced, allowing users to upload their pictures to RCTLounge itself. The system also generates random voting tiers for even greater fairness.
  • JamesB leaves his super moderator position due to time constraints also. James was a big help in helping us restore the forums late 2009/early 2010.


  • Elections are held to choose two new Exchange moderators, a Screenshot Contest manager and a super moderator. In the end, hydraa and Stratales are voted into the Exchange moderator positions, Muffinzz was chosen by the RCTLounge team as Screenshot Contest manager and Wacky Worm was voted into the super moderator position. This was the first time the community participated in the choosing of moderation team members.


  • 1scream announces the new operation of RCTgo, another popular Coaster Simulator website. RCTLounge and RCTgo will work together to create the strongest network of Coaster Simulator content and communities.

It’s amazing that RCTLounge members made nearly 60,000 posts in 2010 alone. We’ve had a great year, and we’ve been honored to make this site better for you.

2011 looks to be an exciting year! We hope to bring in some exciting, new, one-of-a-kind features the Coaster Simulator community hasn’t seen before!

Thanks once again for an amazing year, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

RCTLounge Team
Owners: Doug & Ethan
Administrator: 772pilot
Moderators: hydraa & Stratales
Super Moderators: Adamb241 & Wacky Worm
Screenshot Contest Manager: Muffinzz

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